Wednesday, 30 June 2010

tonight the world is freja's.

Today, i was thinking about who my favourite model is. They seem to change depending on whose popular at the minute or whose just done a stunning shoot, but i will always have a soft spot for Freja Beha
She is stunning and i love her values and independence as a model. I also love her tattoos especially 'this too shall pass' and 'tonight the world is mine.' In fact i actually wanted 'this too shall pass for myself' but we'll have to see.
A lot of models can be harsh looking and not really very attractive imo but Freja has such a cute face too and killer cheekbones.
Her openness about her sexuality is admirable too, though i suppose there are more bi/
lesbian models these days like Erin Wasson and Amanda Moore, oh and Krista McBride. I'm not sure if shes dating anyone at the minute but she was dating Abbey Lee Kershaw and th
ere were rumors about Irina Lazareanu.
Personally i love Freja and Abbey Lee to
gether, so adorable.


  1. i love freja and abbey lee! so pretty!

  2. freja is also one of my favourite models, she is simply beautiful, and she seems like she has a wonderful personality also.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx