Friday, 13 August 2010

bloggers block.

Hi everyone! I got back from my holiday early on Tuesday morning. It was lovely, although i was quite ill. I haven't been doing a lot since i got back from holiday, i went out on Wednesday night which heightened my jet lag even more. Being so tired, i have not been thinking of anything interesting to post on here, maybe next week i'll be a bit more productive. Love to all. x


  1. ohh,i hope you had a lovely time and wasn't to ill! 'bloggers block' is definately the right words to describe how i feel sometimes.

    thank-you for your kind comment.
    love, jazzabelle. x

  2. Thanks for your comment :) Good luck for Thursday! I'm dreading getting my AS results! x

  3. Hiii
    In response to your comment: Your blog goes above and beyond the realms of deserving to be tagged haha and dont worry, I have not posted anything in ages either, I get depressed (rather than inspired) browsing round other peoples blogs then comparing them to mine! Good Luck for tomorrow as well, eek I am so nervous!!

  4. oooh, i hope your holiday was good!! lots of sleep is always good, i do like to be lazy sometimes :p

  5. I've had bloggers block for about a month now! I'm beginning to think its a permanent thing!