Thursday, 22 July 2010

And if it comes to the rain, just be glad you'll smile again

Hi everyone, i've been lazy with this recently but i've been preparing for my holiday and i had my driving test this morning. I failed again! It's getting like a routine now, i was so close this time, i just fucked things up reversing around a corner but i felt confident about the rest of it. Hopefully i'll get a cancellation and be able to do it again! It's also four weeks until A level results today, so that really needs to go better than these silly driving tests i keep messing up.
Is anyone else getting A level or AS results? What uni is everyone hoping to go to? If i pass, i'll be going to London, which i've had my heart set on for so long so i really hope i do. Thats all really, hope everyones having a good week. I go to Egypt on Monday, looking forward to two weeks of beautiful relaxation and feeling refreshed before coming back to tackle some more driving and find out my fate!
Here are some pictures which i felt were appropriate here!


  1. i love that song,
    laura marling is amazing!
    i saw her on saturday she is fabulous!
    that is a seriously great song!
    sorry you failed you driving test, i hope you pass next time!

  2. Being the SATC fan that I am, I LUV the last one!! Genius! ;-)

  3. Good luck on the next time! I failed my first time as well, it was bad lol.

  4. Don't worry about your driving test, I like to tell myself that it is all down to luck anyway (...maybe). I failed mine first time because I didn't put the car into gear and tried to set off three times before the examiner had to point this out to me; a bad reverse is at least a legitimate non-embarrassing way to fail!
    Also, I am awaiting A Level results very very nervously; I really screwed up my maths. Going to London must be so exciting, which university are you going to?