Friday, 2 July 2010

i cut like a buffalo

I came across these pictures today of Sienna Miller and Jude Law watching 'the dead weather' a few days ago at the Camden Roundhouse. I am a huge Sienna Fan so felt obliged to post them. I also love the dead weather. As always Sienna looks amazing, i have loved her style right from her boho days and i think she has blossomed as a style icon. I particularly like the shoes shes wearing in these pictures. Her acting abilities have been questioned, but i have loved in her 'factory girl' although playing Edie Sedgwick was obviously going to be a tough role, and i first fell in love with both her and Jude in 'Alfie.' I prefer her hair slightly longer and without the fringe though, overall she is looking great these days. It's a shame the same can't be said for Jude. He's starting to look a lot older these days and seems to have put weight on. I loved him and Sienna as a couple first time round, yet now i think she could do better than him. Apparently after watching 'the dead weather' he took her for a kebab. Classy. Lets hope he actually appreciates how lucky he is to have Sienna this time.
And on the subject of Miss Miller, i am in love with so many twenty8twelve (the Miller sisters fashion range) pieces. I especially want this playsuit (top picture) i believe it comes in navy too, it's so gorgeous, especially on Sienna herself.


  1. Thanks so much! :D

    I love the top picture most too, everything goes so well together, from her glasses to her belt! :D

    You're really beautiful too! Love your cropped trench in the previous post :D

    I'm definitely following you. (: Follow me too? <3


  2. She really has amazing style love your blog! :)

  3. Ah I love The Dead Weather, Sienne and Jude must have such good taste ')
    Haha have you seen Sherlock Holmes? I watched it the other night and the Law was brilliant in it.
    Fab post and photos, much blogging love darling xxx

  4. Great post, love your blog
    it's full of heaps of inspiration
    and ill be back again!

    Hope you can have a look at mine sometime

  5. Love siennas outfit!! The shoes are so amazingn just like you said yourself, she has great taste! ( i mean.. she's together with Jude law. JUDE LAW! haha:);))


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  6. you're actually too kind.
    i love your blog too.

  7. the boots are size 7 uk i think.
    6 or 7. sometimes i switch between those two.
    they are great boots.
    sometimes they look good sometimes they don't, i really would have preferred black ones.

  8. ah LOVE sienna, great blog