Thursday, 1 July 2010

a sky of diamonds, just for us

So tonight i apologise, i have been blogging like crazy and its because i hate the emptiness of
this blog, and its lack of followers, so if you see this follow me please! Also because tonight i have nothing better to do really, i've been sitting in listening to the rain, which is unusual because i usually cannot be without music, but theres something comf
orting about the rain too. I've also been going through my
wardrobe too, trying to find something to wear on
Saturday night. I found this sequin embellished top from to
pshop last summer. I haven't worn it in a while since i did over-wear last summer but it might be time for it to make an appearance again. I'm thinking about getting a few vin
tage tops similiar to this that i've seen on ebay, they'd be so han
dy this summer for throwing on with some denim cut offs
Anyway, anybody who does read this it's highly likely any pictures i post of myself i will be looking rough without any makeup, probably because instead of comfort eating or boredom eating, i've been 'comfort dressing.' Definitely beats comfort eating, which is a killer for a diet! I'd also love to hear from anybody reading this, love to all xx


  1. I genuinely do comfort dressing too. It's the best!!

  2. I dress for comfort on my days off from work :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'd love to follow you!

    And I get stressed out from blogging sometimes. It's like "Ah! Must post awesome content!!! AT ALL TIMES!"

    I need to learn to ~*~relax~*~ and take it easy.


    Classy and Delicious

  3. Hey! Haha I'm in ageeance with the hate of lacking followers (i only have, but i really think you have a good blog going here! So I'm officially a follower:)
    xoxo Holly
    (If you want, visit me at my blog:, and tell me what you think! :D )
    Have a great day