Sunday, 4 July 2010

Daddy i'm so sorry, we just like to party

Ginta Lapina turns 21

There was a stage when everytime i went on the topshop website (which was obviously far too often, i just can't keep away) I would feel that sinking feeling of envy and frustration. Yes this was caused by the fact there was so much i couldn't afford, but also because of the sight of the pretty face up above me and the regret that i am not her, Ginta Lapino. I don't know too much about Ginta apart from the fact she has a stunning face to match her figure so i thought I would post these pictures that i discovered of her celebrating her 21st birthday in New York last week. In her shots for topshop i think she looks very young, only around 18 or 19, she looks completely different here, older than 21 maybe but i can't believe how stunning her skin is. In this picture to the right >>>> I think she has a slight look of Lara Stone, but it's probably just the angle and the fact it's not a close up. Her dress is to die for and after a further google investigation i discovered it was infact the one she wore on the runway the Versace Spring show. If only i got paid to dress up!


  1. Oh thanks so much! (: That's so sweet of you.

    And man, i totally get that sucky feeling when I'm surrounded by amazing clothes but can't afford any of them ): Haha but then again I guess that's what makes us happy when we finally save enough for it. :D Or so I tell myself hahaha.

    Thanks for dropping by too, really appreciate it. :D I'm definitely following you. Follow me too? <3