Tuesday, 13 July 2010

dreaming with a broken heart

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe last few days i haven't been doing a lot at all, sitting in bed with a hangover on Saturday and then the gym and driving lessons the last few days On so many blogs i have been seeing pictures from the new season of gossip girl in Paris, which i am so excited to watch. I realised i had sort of abandoned the last season though so i caught up on the last few episodes with my boxset. I am in love with Chuck Bass, so i'm glad he's been seen on set filming the new season! As for the picture above, wouldn't that be the best situation ever to be in, in bed with the gossip girl cast? Although at the moment i cannot stand Taylor Momsen as either herself or 'little J' so i'm so happy she misses most of the next season due to 'touring commitments'
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Leighton Meester in Marc Jacobs, leighton and mark? two of my loves in life, this is toooo good.

I don't know who looks better there? I love them both so much, 'chair' need to reunite in season 3!
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  1. i lovvvve gossip girl :) especially the fashions ! these pictures are amazing

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  2. I love gossip girl !!
    I want it back on the holland television.

  3. The last picture is amazing!! I need to catch up on 'Gossip Girl' too; I think I will devote some of my copious amounts of free time to watching it since I no longer have any school or work! Haha